Friday, November 14, 2008

When angels cry

When angels cry

Out in the far west,

Lies the city's biggest cemetary Waikumate,

In the adult section,

Lies a grave without a head stone.

The Angels cry.

For sixteen years,

Nobody has come to place flowers,

The loved ones of nearby graves notice this,

They made it a point to place some flowers.

The Angels cry.

Why is this so?

Why the desertion?

The loved ones of nearby graves wonder why?

They say a prayer for the soul of the person buried there.

The Angels cry.

One winter morning,

A woman came with a bunch of white Cala lilies.

She kneels and cries at the grave.

One of the loved ones of nearby graves witness the tragic sight.

The Angels cry.

I have been abroad,

For sixteen years, I mourn for my little baby.

I couldn't come to his grave.

The loved one of nearby graves said, "Hon, we have been placing flowers for you."

The Angels cry.

I have to go again.

Thank you for taking care of my baby.

I have no money to give him a head stone.

But he is forever in my heart.

The Angels cry.

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