Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Do adults need vitamin supplements?

My answer is NO.

When you eat wisely, you do not need vitamin supplements. If you have five servings of vegetables and fruits, you should get enough vitamins.

If you eat whole meal bread, or rice, you will get your vitamin Bs. The leafy greens in the vegetables help your body make protein and energy.

Drink plenty of milk, and go out in the sun. Then you will get vitamin D and it will your bones and calcium.

Orangy coloured fruits and vegetables like carrots and pumpkins give you Vitamin A in carrots. They help your eyes and you can see at night.

By taking vitamin supplements, it doesn't mean that all the vitamins are absorbed.

Some vitamins remain in the body for six months. They are fat-soluble vitamins, like Vitamins A, D, E, and K. They will be released as the body uses them.

Water soluble vitamins do not stay in your body. Any excess will just be eliminated in the urinary system. Some one summed it up as having very expensive urine. Excessive use of vitamin C may cause kidney stones. So it is a waste of money buying expensive vitamin supplements.

The answer is eat wisely, avoid junk food which are full of fats and artificial additives. Instead, eat good home cooked meals so you know what you are eating, and you don't waste money buying expensive supplements. You are just helping all these companies get richer and richer.

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