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Sally remembered the first time she met Jason. It was love at first sight. She was a first year business student and he was a third year engineering student. It was a Saturday afternoon.

He had just finished his basket ball practice and she, her aerobics session. They were at the university gym fountain queuing to quench their thirst. Both were dripping with sweat but they didn’t mind. He was just ahead of her, and as a perfect gentleman, let her drink the ice cold water first.

It was like magic, they were drawn together like a magnet. He swept her off her feet. He was a six foot alpha male, ash blonde and blue eyes. She was five foot seven, long blonde hair and blue eyes. They were a Barbie and Ken pair. If they entered a beauty and a man hunt contest, they would win first prize. But Sally was a church going small town girl.

Sally was heels over in love with Jason. She was a small town girl, who has never dated because her church going parents had told her to be careful and wait for the right boy to come along. Some how, in the small one horse town, the guys and gals were more like brothers and sisters rather than boyfriends and girlfriends.

“What are you doing tomorrow?”

“In the morning, I go to the Baptist Church and in the afternoon, the young people hang out doing various fun things.”

“What about skipping that and join me for a ride in my new car, we can catch a movie and have a bite to eat at pizza hut.”

Sally was in a dilemma, she had never skipped church. She was ecstatic and proud that such a handsome and popular guy was inviting her out. She didn’t want to say no, in case he would never ask her out again.

“Yes, I would like to go out with you.”

That morning at ten, Jason came with his red sports BMW convertible. Sally was in awe, she had never been in a convertible before. Jason sped along the motorway and smiled at Sally who tried to keep her long hair in place.

“Don’t worry about your hair; you are supposed to let it fly in the wind.”

They stopped at Pizza hut, and took out a Hawaiian pizza. Jason drove off to a park. He opened the boot of his car and took out a six pack beer. Soon the two of them were drinking and laughing away. Sally was drowning in love with Jason. Jason played his courting game with expertise.

At the drive in cinema, both sets of eyes were not really looking at the movie screen. Sally got very excited when Jason first touched her on her arm. She did not stop him when he leaned over to kiss her. All her inhibition were thrown out of the window. She encouraged him to touch her all over.

They became an item, her infatuation combined with the right chemistry the stars sparkled in the sky. Susan had not dated anyone before, and she was over the moon. She rang home to tell her parents and siblings about Jason.

“He’s got such gorgeous looks, the kind to die for, he’s also got charm, and he’s got charisma,” babbled Sally excitedly.

“Does he go to church?” asked her mum.

“Yes, mum, I made sure of that,” lied Sally.

Pete gave Sally his college pin and proudly showed off her off to his mates like a prized trophy.

Sally was a member of the new wave movement of committing herself to one partner and only after she was married. She signed a pledge with her group of young friends. However, she was blown away by love, at one of their dates, with their car parked in a secluded corner of a public park along the Detroit River, she succumbed to the temptation when he touched her and kissed her on the lips. She gave herself to the testosterone pumping Jason. She loved Jason and she wanted to make him happy. Sally went through dilemma, She had done something out of character, went against her pledge. But now she has tasted the fruits of romance, she loved it and she didn’t want to stop. She was also afraid of losing Jason. All the girls were envious about of her. They warned her about Jason’s infamous reputation that he was a Casanova.

“You are just jealous.” Sally told them and rolled her eyes.

True to their words, the next Sunday, at the same park, after a few bottles of beer, Jason leaned over and kissed her. Then he touched her all over and up her skirt. Sally did not resist. She kind of enjoyed it. The inevitable happened. Sally lost her virginity to Jason.

“Hey! You didn’t tell me that you were a virgin,” exclaimed Jason very proud of his prowess.

“I thought you knew I belonged to the group that has pledged herself to the man she marries,” Sally explained.

“You liked it, did you?” asked Jason.

“Yes, and I want to be with you always.”

“Go down to the family planning clinic and get the pill, this that way, you won’t get pregnant, and if we don’t tell, nobody will know.”

Sally stopped going to her afternoon group and church on Sundays. Susan felt hypocritical going. She told her friends she was busy with university work. She was spending as much time as she could in Jason’s car or in his apartment.

They went on long drives and always making out in the car s before they left for their respective flats. Sally drew the line about Jason sleeping over in at her flat because she didn’t want her flat mates to be suspicious. If they she kept her bedroom door shut, her prude flat mates gave her scorching looks.

As soon as they finished their exams, Sally suggested they got married. Her burden of feeling guilty was taking a toll and she felt that getting married was the best solution.

Jason was very e reluctant, "It's not that I have a footloose and fancy lifestyle. I am just too young to be tied down."

“I don’t want any salacious gossip.”

Before she knew it, Jason was calling her less and less. He was giving reasons or rather excuses that he was busy with his projects for his final year. He wasn’t even answering her telephone calls. Sally knew there was no rhyme or reason why he was avoiding her. She loved him very too much to do anything to offend him. In fact, she bent over backwards to please him.

Margaret, her flat mate heard a rumour that Jason had a new girl friend, a redhead. She came and told Sally about the rumour. Then other girls actually saw the redhead with Jason showing plenty of public display of affection.

“But, he’s my boyfriend. He gave me his collage pin, and I gave myself to him.”

“Well, this is just infatuation on your part. You might as well cut your loses.”

Sally cried herself to sleep. She realized that she had been a young puppy in love and she had only herself to blame.

Reader’s comment:

Your story had a good follow though. Some of the tenses were wrong as well as certain sentences that need to be restructured properly.

I found the story to be a good short story. Be careful to stay with the proper names of the characters. Keep up the good work

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