Sunday, December 14, 2008

M & M, plain or peanuts?

M & M, those tiny colourful chocolate candies which don't melt in your palm when you eat them. Which is better, plain or peanut?

Plain ones, of course. Oh! the ecstasy of biting or cracking the candy coated shell of the M & M, and the chocolate melting in your mouth. You can eat one by one, or by the fistful. It is definitely better, the plain M & Ms.

Have you been near mothers who worry that their young children might choke on the peanuts? Often, it is very embarrassing for the hostess at a birthday party when mothers have to fight with their children to remove the peanut M & Ms. Worst still, when a child chokes on the peanut, and the birthday party becomes a panic station or a disaster. It becomes a terrible scenario with children crying. This is the last thing a hostess wants to happen to their child's birthday party.

There are some people, including myself, who are unfortunately allergic to peanuts. This allergy may be fatal to some or mildly discomfort to others.

Once, I made the mistake of not looking carefully at the package and bought a package of peanut M & Ms. I popped a fistful of these peanut M & M. My mouth tasted the rancid oil, and I had to rinse my mouth out. Even with lots of warm water, the rancid taste was so awful that it won't go. Short of rinsing my mouth with soap, I could not remove the terrible taste in my mouth.

Schools in New Zealand are very careful. My school is a nut free school. Kids are not allow to bring nuts.

With plain M & Ms, mothers can be relaxed adding them to their cookie, cake or ice cream recipes.

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