Monday, December 1, 2008

Movember 2

Today is the 1st of December. It is also the day that the Mos (moustache) come off. My friend A. was among the the 12,600 men who spotted a Mo for the month of November for men's health awareness programme.

A sports team supported the Mo program and found luck in winning three games in a row. They decided not to cut off the Mo today.

The money raised went to the Mental Health Foundation and the New Zealand Cancer Society

My friend A. was really passion in this cause and he had been spotting a Mo every year.

On November 28th, a Movember Gala Parte 2008 was held at Eden park, the sporting arena. Men went to compare your mo with the others on display. There were jokes like the slug and Tom Selleck.

I salute A. for his effort in drumming support and keeping his Mo. I will continue to support him.

***I play a game, "Guess Who" with my ESOL children. One of the features is " Does your person have moustache?" The children ask, "What is moustache?" I touch my upper lips and tell them about A." "Oh! we know."***

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