Monday, December 15, 2008


Sam is in school, Gab is working, the water engineer is back from Melbourne, I am alone at home nursing a flu. I sat at the computer churning out posts after posts.

I wonder what things were like before I caught the computer bug.

I would not be able to email my friends, attache photos, and do my bit of gossip.

So off I went to my garden.

Something interesting always turns out.

I see this spinach that's crowding my chilli plants.

This spinach is a special plant, I didn't dare to tell the family it's name. Otherwise they won't eat it.

You see, Mum used to call them MA SI HING aka "Horse Shit Spinach."

It has nothing to do with horse shit. May be back in China, it did, but in Borneo and in my garden, we are miles away from any horses.

This plant is a like parasite. You don't have to sow any seeds. You just need to weed your garden, and it grows prolifically.

It tastes good, is full of iron as it has red stems. It is a miniature chinese spinach.

Just crush some garlic, fry it til pale brown, and add the spinach.

What is better than any veg you buy from the supermarket which is GE or sprayed with nasties like pesticides.

***Yes, I remember, We used to pluck them in the fields and make ikan belis soup. But it is difficult to buy them in the pasar or pasar malam. Because they grow wild.
Enjoy your goreng Ma See Hing. Try to make soup too for a change.S.L.***

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