Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Red: University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada

 Last year was a year of reminiscing. I went to a reunion where I taught in a secondary school after my High School, I met with my classmates in High School, and I met with my friends at the University of Windsor.

Today, N said we are one year older. It makes me think, in 2 years, it would be my 40th anniversary of going all the way to Canada. Has those years in the university changed me and my thoughts. For one I am more aware of things. I am not political, but I am environmentally conscious and I fight for the underdogs. My outspokenness has ruffled a few feathers but they have led to changes.

My friend N and his wife V are also  Windsor Uni alumni.

What do you think of the current ad that this supermarket chain is running on TV in New Zealand? It compares the shopping costs of one supermarket chain, directly mentioning it's name and claims to be the winner. I think this is very unethical. Our marketing professors would be horrified.

Incidentally, I had another dealing with this company. They adopted my suggestion, but they didn't have the courtesy for acknowledging me for this money saving idea.

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