Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sewing Machine

In the old days, all brides went to their in laws house with a sewing machine as part of their dowry. All brides knew how to sew. Their daughters also learned to sew.

Mum sewed all our clothes including our school uniform.

I sewed, but I wasn't a good sewer. I was one of those, " near enough is good enough." These days, I don't sew anymore.

My youngest sister Grace, is a very good sewer. She sewed D's Prom dress, which I tell D to be forever grateful to her. It was a black metallic dress which turned out a few kilo by the time she finished her dress. G wore it during my Dad's 81st birthday.

My great grand mother had a good Singer Machine. My mum had one too.

***These are my sister-in-law's. She's a seamtress.***

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