Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thoughts of mum

With Christmas coming up, and the sermon today on Mary, the mother of Jesus, I think of the other Mary in my life. Mary my Mum. My mum who was taken away so tragically twenty years ago.

You wanted me, you longed for me.
When I was conceived, you cried tears of joy.
You went through nausea, you went through sleepless nights,
When I kicked you and rocked and rolled inside you.
You screamed when I came out of you,
But you forgot all the labor pains
And you went on to have a second, third and fourth child.
You changed countless nappies and baby clothes.
You never chucked in the towel and gave me up.
When I scrapped my knee, and cut my finger,
You felt my pain and kissed the hurt away.
When I was at my first school sports meet,
You cheered and shouted till your voice went hoarse,
“That’s my child! That’s my child!”
When I became a stubborn teenager and stayed beyond my curfew,
You stayed up and waited for me.
You did not scream, “Why are you so late?”
Your silence only made me guilty.
When I brought back boyfriends,
You didn’t say, “He’s not good enough for you.”
You prayed in silence.
On my wedding day, you cried and wiped your tears with your hanky.
You prayed that the man I have chosen would treat me well.
When I became a mother, I became you.
It is a circle, going round and round.
God made mothers, resilient and strong.
God made you. My mother.

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