Friday, December 19, 2008

Vietnamese Basil

About thirty years ago, New Zealand took in many Vietnamese refugees. I got to know some of them through church. I can't remember where I got my first Vietnamese basil plant. I thought they looked like what my late grandfather had which we used to cook sea snails with. Any way, I grew it and it became a big bush and I propagated more.

My Vietnamese friends loved visiting and pick the herbs. They don't understand why I grow them and don't use the, You see, I grew them for a memory, the water engineer doesn't like the smell of it.

Fast forward to the Thai king's birthday in 2008, I went to Rocket Park where the Thais were celebrating this occasion in New Zealand. I went for some chilli plants, and ended up with six chilli plants and one big Vietnamese basil plant.

My friend C. asked me why I bought it? I said, I don't know. It's for memory, I suppose. She asked if she could have some seeds when they are ready.

I came home, and found it was four plants in the pot. I transplanted them to my recycled bin and a pot for C. It is going to be my Christmas present for her.

I have checked with my Thai friends, use it in Tom Yom, and fish, they tell me.

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