Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cow pats, Carbon emssion

Carbon emission, carbon footprints, reduce, reuse, recycle, all buzz words of twenty first century.

There are lots of cows in New Zealand, so they emit a lot of gas, and they pass a lot of shit which politely termed as cow pats. The modern people think this is bad.

But in my country of my ethnicity, China, farmers depended on the animals' solid and liquid waste to fertilise their crops.

An Australian scientist said that without using this shit, China would long be a dust bowl. China would have more poor people than India.

Closer to home in Borneo, my grandparents and parents used the same method. They were the fore fathers of organic gardening.

An advocate of composting from USA even suggested using human excrement. To me, that is too radical. I forgot his name, you see, I surf the net a lot, and my mind doesn't retain all the info that I have surfed.

In my school, the environmental club has worm farms. The kids collect the peels from the staff room and classroom to feed these gems. They give of cast and worm soup or tea.

I do my own composting, making use of my kitchen waste and supplement them with sheep pellets.

When I saw the cow pats at Mt Roskill Volcano yesterday, and the ring of rich grass round the old cow pat, I guess, Nature knows best.

He jokes, "Collect the dried pats for your garden."

I reply,"Yes."

The cheeky bugger replies, "Then you walk home."

In fact, I have seen, at Mt Albert, a man actually came in a Ute, and with big buckets and a spade, shovering dried cow pats. Good thing for him, and good for the visitors to the park. They don't have to worry about stepping on cow pats especially the piping hot fresh out of the oven type. Sam knows, because he had stood on one at Mt Eden.

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