Sunday, November 16, 2008


Once I went with my friend A. where she volunteers in an animal shelter and hotel. On that same day, some one had abandoned a pair of "once upon a time" beautiful Shih Tzu puppy dogs.

These dogs are often called Imperial Shih Tzu. The “Imperial” term comes from the dogs’ royal background. These dogs originated in the royal palace of the Emperor of China. The little dogs warned of any movement in the palace and still have a somewhat independent regal sort of attitude. I couldn't understand how anyone could abandon these lovely dogs..

Their long hair were matted and they were infested with fleas. The owner of this shelter had to trim away all the hair because in hot humid Singapore, the thick coat of hair were making them sick. These dogs were also very dehydrated and refusing food. Apparently, they had not been fed or water for couple of days.

The owner asked if I wanted to take them home. I would love to, but I was leaving for New Zealand. They cost a lot of money, and it is sickening why some people would pay hundreds of dollars to abandon them. Caeser the dog whisperer and Victoria would feel outraged.

That afternoon was an eye opener, I met very dedicated animal lovers, and heard from the horse mouth about animal abusers.

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