Sunday, November 16, 2008

More on Quilting

My friend Connie, I had fictionalised her in my book, " Mail order bride." No, she is not a mail order bride but some one who is very artistic and kind.

In a nut shell, the real Connie is far better that my book Connie. I wish I was her daughter. Since she is not old enough to be my mum, I regard her as my big sister.

She makes quilts, cakes, clothes, iced flowers, crochets and is always wanting to learn a new skill. God has given her a pair of wonderful hands and a beautiful heart.

I pay tribute to her. When I was hurting and looking for a church to call home, she invited us to join Mt Albert Baptist Church.

***In 2006, she invited us to join her family for a holiday in Waiuku. We stayed in a bach together.***

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