Monday, December 8, 2008

Does your local police respond fast enough to your call?

Does your local police respond fast enough to your call?

Many people complain that our local police do not respond quickly to their call.

But in New Zealand, I say yes after this case scenario with our unwanted intruder.

Two mornings ago, my eleven year old son, my daughter and I were home. Our house has no fence and no gate. People can just walk up to our front door. My husband had always warned us to lock our doors because there could be rapists.

With the warmer weather, we just lock the metal wired netting door, and leave the glass door open.

The metal door rattled, and I thought was my friendly Korean electricity meter reader. But it wasn't, it was a slim Maori/Polynesian young man.

He had his pants dropped very low to his hip so that his knickers were showing. He was wearing a white hoodie and was gyrating obscenely and lifting his hoodie so I can see his knickers and belly button. He refused to go and I shouted him fiercely," Go away." After a while he left.

I was shocked, and quickly ran to the back door to make sure it is locked. Later, I thought, I should report to the police about this menacing man. But decided it was too late.

Two days after on Sunday evening, he came again. My husband went to the door, and seeing a man, he went away.

I decided to call my local suburban police. The phone call was redirected to the Central Police as it was a Sunday evening. The phone message said ," if there was an emergency, if a life is threatened, call 111, if not just hold on."

Very quickly, a woman answered my call. I reported and she said that they would despatch someone as soon as possible to see if they can catch the man.

Not long after, there was someone at the door. We thought the intruder had come back again.

It wasn't, it was two men in blue. Our local police had come in the police car. One white man, and one Maori. They came and took more details from me and my husband. It is waryng that we did not observe well details what kind of pants he wore, or if he wore shoes. The water engineer thought he wore a hat rather than a hoodie. They advised that if he comes again, keep him in conversation for ten minutes, and ring the police.

Fifteen minutes later, the woman at the central Police department rang that they could not find the man, but if he came again, if we would report him.

We are very impressed at how quick our police responded to our report.

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