Monday, December 8, 2008

Jaccob and chess

When we were kids, Dad taught us Chinese Chess. Now, the kids are more exposed to the big wide world, and some of them are living in the Western world, they play international chess. Sam plays in his school club.

Here is my nephew Jaccob (grade one) in Australia and his mum Audrey's own words," Jacob got awarded for the best chess player in the whole lower primary at Kings. He has been playing with the grade 7 kids. The grade one kids are too easy for him. He said he want to be next Iain Roger (international chess player and championship). After sending him to play chess every Friday helped Jacob become more focus and concentrate in class."

Helen's kids play chess too, "Nice one Jacob. Lincoln and Olivia go to play chess at the Southport Workers Club. They have a few very old retired chess champions playing and giving instructions. There is a young Russian girl who goes to play regularly.
Last week, she paired up with Lincoln and they were not playing seriously. Her Russian mother pulled her out of their game and made her play with an old chess master."

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