Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Japanese Bamboo

These are the Japanese bamboo. The flower is a rare occurance.

When I left NTU, I invited people to buy my plants and donate to my favourite charity, the Deaf in Kenya. A. and C. came and bought many of my bushy plants. C. said she felt terrible that she was taking so many plants. I said though they were my children, I was glad that they were going to a good home. I gave them a big ficus tree that I have picked up from some one who had abandoned it because he thought it was diseased. A. & C. nursed it to the pink of health. A. took a lot of big plants to his office in the university.

This Japanese Bamboo in the pix is almost ten feet tall. It grew this tall because I grew them in the ground in the allotment.

These are two different kinds of bamboo. One has single leaves, and the other had four prong leaves.

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