Wednesday, December 3, 2008

sanderiana,ribbon plant

This plant is also known as the Goddess of Mercy plant. Worshippers of Goddess of mercy will have a vase of this plant to worship her.

I just like plants.

In Singapore, I experimented with this plant, I cut about two feet long stems of this plant, I had about twenty of them, and grew them in a vase in side my house. Soon shoots grew, and this is the result. There was no need to fertilise the plant.

As it was dengue infestation time, I had to cover the vase with netting to prevent the aedes mosquitoes from laying eggs in the still water. Dengue fever was very serious, and I as the secretary of the gardening club had to set examples of keeping our plants stagnant water free. In NTU, they regularly fogged the campus.

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