Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Auckland University Annual Appeal


Two envelopes were in the letter box when I came home from work. I don't normally get any mail via the snail mail. They were both from the Auckland University. One was for me and one for the water engineer.

I opened mine and it was the annual appeal from the new Dean of Arts. The water engineer opened his and noticed that mine was for $100, and his was for $250 and wonder why the discrepancy. I said his was addressed to Dr. Chin. A Dr. Chin most likely earns more than just a Mrs. Chin and therefore will donate more.

The University’s 2009 Annual Appeal was sent to 73,000 alumni at the end of August to encourage them to join with fellow alumni in supporting scholarships, research projects and other initiatives.

Like last year, the appeal is faculty-specific and, in the case of NICAI, this time it is also department-specific. It highlights the importance of scholarships, interesting projects and activities and the impact that the generosity of donors is making, supported by quotes from scholarship recipients. Alumni are reminded that even a modest gift is meaningful, particularly when added to similar gifts from other alumni, and that donations in New Zealand now attract a 33% rebate.

This is the Old Arts Building where I had many of my lectures.

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