Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Man verses dog.

When Barry posted his Dog's social club post, I thought to myself, it was time for me to do this post.

Mum and Dad always had dogs, and our dogs were working dogs. They guarded our house, and when they were lovely cuddly puppies, I played with them. As an adult, partly because the water engineer didn't like to keep dogs, and partly when we were in Singapore, we didn't need dogs as guard dogs because we were living in the university campus. So we never had a dog.

We often go to the many volcanoes to have short hikes, and at this particular mountain, Mt Albert, they had an archery club. I remember in the university, there was also an archery club, and I was first to complain where they were shooting were near to staff residences and little kids could easily get shot at. The response was if parents were vigilant, kids would not venture to this "dangerous" place where arrows were flying.

Fast forward a couple of year, we returned to New Zealand, and I see these archery targets. Mt Albert is also "off the leash dog walking areas." Now it is History repeating. My friend S. walks her dog every day on this mountain. The dog owners are now told to keep their dogs off the area. Any accidents would not be the archer's responsibility. So some authorities are asking to keep their dogs away from this area.

But the dog owners are unhappy and are signing a petition. Dogs are always allowed to roam free here. Why should a few person who are there only some of the times, prevent to joy of others. link on the map to see the area of Mt Albert.

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