Monday, September 7, 2009

Beschorneria yuccoides (Mexican False Red Yucca)

In my Macro Monday post, I thought this was some sort of an aloe, on closer look, it looks more like a flax.

I posted this in the hope that some one may be able to identify the plant.

14 Sept: I found the name, after a long search, including finding the park ranger. It is a Beschorneria yuccoides (Mexican False Red Yucca)


Unknown said...

This is an amazing flower Ann, never seen them here before..

Nic said...

What beautiful flowers, and your photos are wonderful! Nice blog.

Jama said...

What ever that is, it sure is a beautiful flower!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Description: Cambridge, England: Botanic Garden: Beschorneria yuccoides

I found it, this morning I went to Western Springs and found a park ranger. She said it is from South Africa but couldn't remember the name. She thought it was a lily.

I google searched, but couldn't find. I went to South African flowers and saw this. It is a yucca.

The ranger had just cut off the spray of flower and I got a new one complete with the leaves. There were others, pink but less striking than the red one.

Baruch said...

Mmm, I think you are right in your identification Ann and if it is called Mexican False Red Yucca, it can't be South African aye! :)