Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Traffic courtesy

Someone wrote to the Local newspaper, the New Zealand's Herald that a warm fuzzy is "Someone making room on the motorway to allow me to enter safely from the on-ramp."

A friend from overseas remarked that New Zealand drivers are very courteous. I remember when I was driving my kids to school in Singapore, I had to get onto the motorway. I admit I am not a very good driver, but boy did I get stressful trying to get on the motorway. I often pray that I could get on safely. The motorists just keep coming, and the motorist behind me often blare their horns.

I am very happy to see in many Auckland of ramps, that they have control lights. They allow one car to merge at a time.


Barry said...

Drivers are reasonably courteous here in Toronto.

But don't get me started talking about drivers in Montreal!

Thomas C B Chua said...

Couldn't agree more with u. During our tour of south Island NZ, our coach driver stopped at a gateless railway crossing in the middle of a plain where visibility is 1000 metres crystal clear left and right!!! Great caution.