Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pirates: "Gentlemen of Fortune"

Argh, M'hearties,

My school is having a production on the Story of Captain Bartholomew Roberts. For the whole of this third term, all the 660 kids of Pt Chevalier school have been busy practising this musical.

I have been teaching them everything and anything about pirates. I made them eye patches, gathered all my jewellery, imitation money and bandanna. I took them out with a binoculars (yes a binoculars because I happen to have a binoculars and not a telescope.) and spy on objects while pretending they are up on the crow's nest. The kids learn about cutless and mutiny and walk the plank.

They are having five shows during the day and at night. I took Sam last night. While I thoroughly enjoyed the show and clapping at my students, Sam was like," watching other people's children's concert." Entry to these shows is by KOHA or donation or direct translation, a love gift. They were very professional, the set was fantastic, they had the front of a ship. They used smoke machines and strobe lights. The strobe was used for gunfire and lightning effects.

It is not easy getting 660 kids from 5 to 11 to perform. Credits should go to our Director Chris Moore. A lot of parents helped, and it is a community project. I wish I could take more photos, but with the smoke machine, and the dimmed lights, I didn't take very good photos.

We also have a Pirate-athon. The kids learn all things pirate and get people to sponsor them. The prizes are great.

This reminds me of when I was 14, I was in the school's performing arts society where I was in the Junior choir of the Gypsy Queen.

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