Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jean Batten1909-1982

In October 1936 New Zealand born pilot Jean Batten made the first direct flight from England to New Zealand.

The famous aviator, Jean Batten, died an infamously obscure death in Palma 27 years ago. Tuesday is the centenary of her birth in Rotorua on September 15, 1909.

Today, the women of New Zealand celebrate the birthday of their most famous sister. Many women took to the skies, unfortunately I was too poor to ever get a pilot's license.

I went to Rotorua, her home town and saw the memorial for her, a park by the information center. In Auckland, a building is named after her and so is the international terminal of the airport.

She is a great inspiration especially to New Zealand girls. She was a very beautiful woman and called Garbo of the skies.

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Sara Diana said...

A pretty brave lady to do what she did in the times that she lived.