Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Running the Marathon

I will be celebrating my one year old birthday of my venture into Blog land. I had resisted doing this for a long time. I was writing but was not exactly happy just writing, and not finding a publisher for me book. My older daughter suggested that I blog as I was already writing. Needless to say, the rest is history.

I found some very close friends, there are too many to mention here. I also found a platform to share my topics close to my heart, of bereavement and environmental issues. I also found this as a platform to encourage, especially those with sickness, Barry, Sara, and many others.

Just as I posted my "dog v man" article, I read a new blog which I could give encouragement of a different kind. It was to Aaron I shared my training for my Marathon running. "Run Aaron Run"
Here's to Aaron who is running the marathon.

Good luck to you. 34 is far too young to hit mid life crisis. Just keep running, you will get over it.

5 years ago, I was this middle aged turning 50 year old woman. One day, I challenged myself in a 3.8k after not running since my early 20s when I ran the "Round the bays.".

The university announced its "President's run." I had been doing short runs in the Staff Club gym, and was interested. Dwas with me and challenged me to run two kilometers. After I had done that, she said, "Mum, you can do it."

The events organisers told me as the run was for staff and students we were not eligible for any prizes or goody bags. I didn't care, I just wanted to challenge myself. I posted on our staff resident's internet "Nanyang Connect" for three others to form a team. Eventually I got two girl friends to train, 6 am in the morning, we were at the oval, from 400 meters, and adding on, we completed the race as we pounded the pavement of the university route. We even beat many men and university girls much much younger than us.

After that, me and another girl friend 44, we trained for the Singapore Marathon.10 K's marathon.

It was in humid Singapore, but we did it in 3 months. We were two university wives, and the young uni kids were wondering why these two "Aunties " were doing in their turf at the running oval and in the hilly campus. We managed to complete 10 Ks ten times. The first time were so satisfying. We High 5 and hugged.

Came early Dec, we woke up at 4am we ran with the Marathon greats from Kenya and Ethiopia. We both did it. The water engineer and the kids wee there to support me. The Australian runners told me that the Singapore run was the most difficult to do because it was humid and hot.

It was the best thing I have done, and am still very proud of it. From the moving to New Zealand, I have misplaced the medal. But I still have the certificate, just in case people didn't believe me, here it is.

To Aaron, You just keep on running. When you see me in Mt Albert, come and say hi. I don't run any more, I just climb the slopes and take photos for my blog.



Reader Wil said...

How wonderful Ann that you can run a marathon.Over 42 km's! I couldn't even run 300 metres when I was young! I am impressed!

Doreen said...

you are an inspiration Ann. great post! too bad you have misplaced the medal but you have the memories forever.

Ann said...

Sorry Wil, it was a quarter marathon. 10 km.

The next year, we thought we would try the 1/2 marathon, but we ran out of steam.

Still, it is a marathon. Especially for a 50 year old.

It certainly impressed my new students, and they have high respect for me. Whether I start a new group of students, when we played a game, "The best thing I did." They go round telling their achievements. They went WOW!!!! when I told them.

Thomas C B Chua said...

Ann, GREAT!!! Don't waste your God given body. I train mine for squash, gymn n golf after retirement. Life is for the LIVING. There is lots of time to be dead.

GingerV said...

great. to set a goal and to follow through is the best feeling. Running has never been my forte - I can walk for 6 hours but can't run for 15 minutes. and now my knees hurt even doing the exercise I have always done - going down steps is the worst... now I turn 60 - keep running till you just can't anymore.

Carrie said...

I am inspired by you, Ann. I am training for a 5K and have been discouraged. Your post makes me say, "I can do it!"

Ann said...


I tried to find your site but couldn't , so reply here.

You go, girl!!!!1

Just try to increase a little a day. Don't start off too fast.

You can do it.