Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blast from the past: Ten years ago in 1999

Two weeks ago, I was searching for some current affairs of Sarawak, my birth land, and came across this site, . The more I read her posts, the more I suspect she was some one I knew. I wrote to her, I wasn't exactly her friend, or rather vice versa. I was the first year in the secondary school as a 13 year old and she was a senior. She was my role model in all aspects, she was good in sports, academic and a head prefect. She never knew how she impacted my life until yesterday.

She posted a musical "Gypsy Baron" when I was in my second year in 1968 and we knew so many friends. I am posting these photos when our American Missionary teacher revisited Sarawak duting my class 28th re-union. Miss Fries stayed with me in Singapore. The photos show some old boys and old girls of Methodist Secondary School, Sibu. These photos gave me reminiscence of the "Gypsy Baron" Days. Sadly, the gentleman in the last photo, Cheng Hua Chuan passed away recently.

Here, Sarawakiana, these photos are for you. Thanks for linking me to your post. Thank you for power of friendship.


Anonymous said...

Hello Ann, thank for your comments. I agree, when someone asks how many children do you have I say 6. I am proud of my twins but if I say twins died at birth I have to go all through that story. I do know that the longer one has a child it has got to harder to let them go. I never say our twins. I was too sick and my husband took them to the cemetery and buried them himself with direction from the funeral home. since I only carried them 5 months they were not considered live birth, even though they were alive when born. My husband suffered more than I did then.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos. It is good I have a photo of Hua Chuang still in his best of health.
Before I left for short term mission in China in 2007 he and wife Jenny gave my friend and I a very very very "good" lunch (the best for me he said) at a place called Crystal Palace.
He was so thin my heart cried out. And that was the last time I saw him. We had been friends since Primary School! And to think that we did not meet for 34 years after we went our separate paths - he in the concrete jungle and expensive timber business in Singapore and I barefoot in rural jungles Sarawak.

The Chengs and the Changs are like sworn brothers and sisters starting from our fathers.

Yes I wish I can remember all the actors and actresses...I must find that the correct spelling? Yong was Homonay. Sheila Kang was the aunty.
Who was the beauty?
I will forward the photo to Miss Fries too....Do you have her contact?
Thanks so much.
Sarawakiana. (I cannot sign into gmail today)