Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beschorneria yuccoides (Mexican False Red Yucca) 3

Beschorneria yuccoides (Mexican False Red Yucca)

Western Springs, one of my fav places in Auckland. There is a Chinese saying, YU SHAN YU SHUI. Got Mountain got water. In deed there is a hill I could climb, and lots of water in the lakes. On top of that, there are birds and lots of flowers.

After posting the first flower, I went back to the park to spot a ranger. In deed I found one. She had cut off that first spray of flowers. Was I glad I was there a week before when the spray of flowers was at it's peak. She directed me to a whole area of yuccas.

The yuccas were blooming, but none as stunning as the first. However, they have a different look, especially the one that has a green tune.

To all of you in the Northern Hemisphere who have written how they like the flowers here. You got to see it to see why I have chosen this place as my adopted country.


Anonymous said...

lovely photographs :)

flowerweaver said...

Very pretty! I don't think I've even seen that in Mexico! Having great plants is always enough reason for me to pick my place to live.

Kerrie said...

Ann, these photos were very handy in identifying our triffids so I am emailing you a couple of photos to show you the ones in our garden.