Thursday, September 17, 2009

Crabbing in Australia

This post is for Patty and anyone who loves fishing and crabbing.

Seafood is in my blood. Both sides of my ancestors have fish ponds, and we grew up catching food. Such a deep love affair with fish, that my lawyer brother Joseph has a boat in Australia and he goes out to the ocean to catch fish and drop the occasional crab pot.

I love Patty's post, and learn some thing new about using chicken necks. Chicken necks are very cheap here in New Zealand. Next time I go to visit Joseph, I will smuggle a whole lot of chicken neck to try my "American" way of crabbing.

You can tell from the photo of my bro-in-law Kallang that he wasn't using chicken necks. Obviously he wasn't using chicken necks, otherwise he would be show us his catch.


aurbie said...

Poor Kallang. Nothing in his pot. He needs to come to Crisfield. We can teach him how to crab.

If Kallang has some time, he should tie a chicken neck to a string (around here we set out a whole bunch of strings and tie them around around a nail on a pier or something, and wait for a crab to start walking off with the chicken neck - you can see the strings moving. Then you slowly reel your catch in and hold out a net and grab your crab.

It is kind of like fishing - a relaxing way to spend an afternoon. And you can catch a lot of crabs that way.

Anonymous said...

That was an interesting description by Patty. It is so great to hear about how things are done in other countries.