Friday, September 11, 2009

Jackfruit tree and fruit segment

Jackfruit tree at the compound of the Malaysian Railway station in Paloh. In most places, I see the grower "saronging" or wrapping the fruit with a sack to prevent insects from attacking the fruits. But not in this case, yet the fruits are beautiful.

Another reason for "saronging" the fruit is to tell people that the tree is mine, not everyone's. It seems in the old days, especially if you grow your fruit tree on public land, everyone is allowed to harvest the fruit.

I know this because I used to grow a lot of bananas and papayas,( paw paw) on the university land, the fruits were taken. The Malay ladies who clean the common area told me to do this. After I "saronged" my fruits, people no longer helped themselves to my fruits.

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aurbie said...

Love the story. I need to wrap the apples on our trees. Kids come and take them. Of course, we don't mind. There is plenty to go around.