Thursday, September 17, 2009

Soursop. a durian that doesn't smell offensive.

This poster is advertising what we call the white man's durian. It has spikes but not sharp spikes like a durian. It doesn't stink. It is called soursop. The fruits grow on the tree trunks.

The flesh is quite difficult to explain because it's been so long since I ate any. The skin is quite thin, and peels off easily, the flesh consists of an edible white pulp and a core of indigestible black seeds. You see, my grand dad and my dad had those trees and we had so much that I dread eaten it. We found we could make juice out of it. We even made ice blocks out of them.

In Singapore, they sell them a quite an expensive price. Even if they give it to me for free, I won't take it.

The other photo shows dried soursop chips. I was at mt Indonesian friend L's apartment in Jurong Point in Singapore. I did not try it. L. says it is delicious. The photo shows how it looks like when you cut it cross section.

Recently at our local Chinese supermarket, they were selling a similar fruit, except they don't have the tiny spikes. The look like scales. My photo is in another computer, I will post it tomorrow. I think they call it cherimoya.

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