Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ear Nursing Service

In my Sunday Stills on Sounds, I wrote about my student who is deaf and has hearing aids, but sadly she doesn't wear them all the time. On alternate Wednesdays, she has a Senior Resource Teacher of the Deaf Susan Skarsholt who comes to her.

This morning, I saw this colourful bus and it attracted the attention of my friends as well. So busy body me, I took these photos and more busy body me, I talked to her.

She is Margaret and she is a Ear Nurse with her colourful Mobile Ear Clinic. She goes to lower decile schools and assesses and assists in the management of ear conditions. She uses a special microscope to look into the childrens' ear.

Good job or Ka Pai to the people who thought of this non threatening bus.
Ka Pai to Margaret for being so obliging, friendly and informative. I am sure she is a very good nurse.


Jama said...

It's a good idea to have these mobile clinic coming to schools. Here school kids get their checkup yearly in school too, but of course anything out of normalcy they will be refered to clinic/hospital. Medical fees has become too expensive here but at least the hand phone bill is very cheap, we have many plans to suit every individuals. My NS son is on a plan which has free unlimited sms, and he can send almost 1000 sms per month! Here almost everybody have a handphone and it's used frequently!

Sara Diana said...

What a brilliant idea and a lovely van, makes something that a child may worry about to something that could be perceived as fun to them x