Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another time, Another place.


Yester-year, 1980 to be precise, we went camping in the Bay of Plenty. We were in an old tent loaned by a friend who bought it at an Army Surplus store, there was no ground sheet. It was raining dogs and cats. There were holes and the tent leaked and we were miserable.

I can't remember how many nights we endured this wetness until we changed our itinary and made a detour and drove to my cousin Henry's place at Whakatane. He offered his lounge for us to crash in. We did not hesitate to say yes. At that time, My Uncle and Aunty Kok Fei and my two cousins were visiting Henry. 

We went with D. who is now in Melbourne and W.H. in Kuching. This is the car that was stolen by street kids.

This was our first car, our little 1300 CC  Ford Escort. We drove around a lot, and even to the mountains to ski. At the end of it's life, it was relegated when we bought a newer car. It was rejuvenated when we loaned it to our newly found friends I. and F. from Kuala Lumpur. They named it the Red Baron. The story behind I and F. is a post I have long wanted to write, recently I rehashed it a lot. I must write it before school reopens.

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