Saturday, January 31, 2009

Road Side Fruits

This is a true story of a distant aunt and we were told not to emulate . The village where the clan stayed was a small place where everyone knew one another. We didn't really stay there except the few years when Dad went to England and we went to live initially in an old house by ourselves and later with Grand Dad.

Grand Dad told us about this aunt. One of her kids had been caught stealing fruits from a neighbour. This neighbour came to complain. She argued that the fruits grew by the road side, hence everyone could pick it. Her logic or lack of logic became a life lesson for us. That we should never pick anything not belonging to us.

Whenever I go for walks, and see fruits dangling over the footpath, tempting me, I laugh to myself and think of this aunt.

These pix show capsicums growing over the fence of a public park. No one seems to have helped himself to any, or did he? Upon close examination, because the fence had planks on uneven joints, I could see lots of ripe capsicums on the other side of the fence. May be some one did apply my aunt's logic. 

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