Thursday, January 22, 2009

Boutique Retirement Home

This place in Mt Eden is promoted as a boutique retirement village, what ever that means. The advertisement on the big  board infuriates me. If I was the CEO of the company, I would sack their marketing person. Why ? Have you noticed they put two ladies as the face of their promotional board?.

You may also have watched on TV, that in retirement homes, there are 8 or 9 women to one man. It is a joke that elderly mums refuse to go. It was in the Simpsons as well. So what is wrong, you may ask? Would it be better if they had a man and a woman in their ads? I guess if I pointed out to their CEO, he might even reward me with a little boutique room. LOL

Statistically, it is true that  old women outlive men. But if you are promoting a retirement home, wouldn't you want to make your ad to serve ylour purpose to get men and women?

I shall post next, the exterior of the boutique retirement homes. I didn't dare venture inside. They will know I don't have the money even if I tell them it's for my mum. First of all, there are two storeys. How many old ladies would want to walk up and down the stairs. If they have elevators, it would be very expensive to install on.

Give me a retirement home like my friend K and Ken and Lois Thornton at Selwyn Village. Where they give you an allotment to potter about, or just a small area in your own garden.

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