Sunday, January 25, 2009


Yesterday between 8.45am to 9.30am, my neighbour's house was broken into and they were burgled and their new car stolen. Thieves had entered the house by using a screw driver to open a window. They took cell phones, jewellery and used their car key to steal their car.

This is the second time they were burgled. The previous time was when they were asleep at night when they heard the intruder in their lounge.

It is the feeling of intrusion, violating one's home in broad day light that makes this so sickening. I had posted that my car  and my computer were stolen before. I fictitionalised it in my lost child hood in my Mail order Bride Book . 

People have no respect for other peoples' property, and there should be stringent punishment if they are caught.

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Ruth said...

How sad, and scary.

I appreciate your kind comment at synchronizing about the morning glories. One day spring will be here.