Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lunar New Year Goodies: Teriyaki Pork Jerky

I went to our local Asian Grocery store, The Tofu shop and saw all the Lunar New Year goodies. To instill some of the "Chineseness" in my kids, I bought some goodies which are normally associated with New Year.

G was saying one day, she really missed the ROW GAN or jerky. Sam loves these too.

In Singapore, people queue up at a store famed for the jerky. Because of the Swine or pig flu, Singapore banned all pork products from Malaysia. As a result, Singaporeans have to eat their own expensive pork jerky.

We visit my Mother-in-law in Johor during the holidays. Her town Paloh is very famous for her roast belly of pork. Once, my sis-in-law L packed me a big slab of this delicious pork. On the way when we were reaching the border, we remembered about this ban. So we tore at it like salvages and ate the yummy pork in the car, laughing and joking at the same time, wondering what would have happened if we forgot and were found out by the strict Singaporean authorities. Mean while, L was worrying when she realised that she too, forgot the ban.

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