Sunday, January 25, 2009

Double Celebration

Happy Birthday Auckland, You are 169.
Happy Birthday, Earth, how old are you?
Auckland celebrated Lunar New Year  with a big bang with lion dancing and firecrackers at SkyCity to usher in the Year of the Ox last night. Firecrackers and the lion dance, and the use of gongs, drums and cymbals, signifying the dispelling of evil spirits and bringing good luck.
I was invited by my friends R & M at Hee's restaurant. R invited many friends from my birth place Sibu where the majority people are Foochows. I learned as a child from Mum that the Foochows like to have fish for their reunion dinner on New year's Eve. Fish is pronounced as YU, and YEW YU means got surplus. It signifies there is plenty.
Hee Restaurant has everything to guarantee auspiciousness, the name HEE means happiness, the signboard is red with gold writing. At the lobby, they have a fountain and  a small pond. In the pond are little gold fish. Water is life to the FENG SHUI practitioners. On top of the fountain, is a statue of a fisherman who caught a fish.  I think, the proprietor most likely consulted a FENG SHUI master for this decor.
What a different Auckland was when I first came thirty years ago. Auckland has become Cosmopolitian.

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