Wednesday, January 21, 2009

City Living


This is Block 96,Nanyang Crescent/Meadow. It was initially called Block N, which was easy to remember. But it was changed to 96 so that it follows the other blocks 100, 102 & 98. Though 100 & 98 were built earlier.
We had a choice to occupy this brand new premise because we had to vacant our apartments at Nanyang View while the university was renovating the apartment. We got the apartment of our choice, the corner apartment, then we found that they were building a big building next door. We requested a change and we went to the second set of apartments. We were at #04-02. It took us a long time to figure out that it was for the 4th level, number 2.
You may ask why it is called Nanyang Crescent? Nanyang being the name of the university and the building was shaped like a crescent. I mentioned before in my post on more on rubbish. this building was designed by a British architect. he did not take local feelings and beliefs. This building had fourteen sets of apartments. Those who practise Feng Shui say that the design was bad. The middle of the crescent faces the road like a T junction. For a while, those apartments facing the road were unoccupied or by foreignors.
Actually I did not know about this T Junction until a staff from Hong Kong asked me if there was any trouble. Later, someone told me that the T junction according to the Feng Shui practitioners signifies that the evil spirits will fly straight into these apartments and stir up trouble. I gave her the wrong advice that nothing was wrong due to my ignorance. Later, she had lots of trouble with the immdediate neighbours, with the neighbours far away, and the estate office. She had such an unhappy time that she left. This may be mumbo jumbo, but this is ancient Chinese beliefs not to be pooh poohed at.
Feng Shui aside, it was a very impractical building. We were at the top level, which meant we had to walk 5 flights of stairs as there was a basement for car parking, and within the house, there was another flight. My friends tease me that no wonder, I have a pair of sexy legs because I have to walk up and down so many times a day. I nagged at the water engineer to install a pulley system, but to no avail.
Once, I made used of Liberty Supermarket's deal that for $150's worth of shopping, they would deliver for free. The poor delivery men, after depositing the boxes of shopping at the door huffing and puffing and asking for water. I didn't have the heart to tell them to take the shopping to the kitchen. I did that once only, after that, I made used of the free labour I have in the house, and they couldn' t complain if they wanted to eat.
We stayed there for eighteen months, and I was glad to be back at Nanyang View.
***The pix with Sam is at the back. The patio is lovely and we used to have BBQ. The other pix is the front. The sign N is so small, taxi drivers complain.***

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