Saturday, January 31, 2009

Green Vegetables.

We eat a lot of dark, leafy greens like  Shanghai little Bok Choy, choy sum and Taiwan Bok Choy and lots of other types. They are available in Asian groceries  and are packed full of vital nutrients. We didn't always have these greens in Auckland.
Just a quick wash, and chopped to one and half inch lengths and a quick stir fry in garlic flavoured oil. Or to make a watery soup, dunk some veges in some boiling broth. When I fry noodles, I always add the veges, they make the dish colourful.
The Kiwis ate Silver beet. I don't like silver beet as they are tough and fibrious. I remember my Mum told me when she was in Australia, a Hong Kong friend said they called them vegetables for the pigs.
I drove my new elderly Sri lankan neighbour to the local garden centre. I asked if he ate silver beet, and he sid "yes." I bought him a punnet of seedlings telling him that it is customary to present someone a gift CHIANG MEIN LI when you see them for the first time. We talk about gardening and he calls me "daughter" and I call him, "Uncle".
My kids like vegetables especially G. She told me that she is the daughter that likes FU QUAH /bitter gourd and D hates it. Sam likes mushroom and tomatoes.

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