Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blast from the Past

I knew R & M from 1978. After a few years, they went abroad and we lost contact. When we came back in 2006, I saw M in the library where she work. She proof read my book, Mail Order Bride. They invited us to Hee Garden restaurant to celebrate the New year's Eve reunion dinner. Little did we know that I would see three persons from Sibu.

M.S. went to Methodist School and was the same level as Charles. She then went to teach in the same school, Tong San as Rose.
When L.S. joined us, she said she knew Dad, and later R. told me that she used to work for/with Charles when he was a lawyer in Sibu.
S.breezed in, and I thought he looked very familiar, so did the water engineer. S. used to visit my flat in Scanlan Street, Grey Lynn. At that time, when the Rugby All Blacks traveled overseas, my flat mate L always organised a BBQ. S and R & M were invited to come to watch the All Blacks. Whenever they have matches overseas, I would tell my kids about the BBQs we had.
Thank you R & M. The food was yummy, but the company was better.
***We had a banquet, here's three dishes, a prawn salad, lobster and a FA CAI dish.***

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