Friday, January 23, 2009

Year of the OX

This is a very elaborate paper cut of the Ox. When I left Singapore, my friend WL, from China gave me a book of paper cuts of the Chinese Zodiac. I am leaving it intact in case I ruin it.

At the Mt roskill Library, they invited a Chinese teacher to demonstrate her work. I don't think I can do such fine work. I can, at most cut a snow flake.

Today, they read something about people who are born in the year of the ox have certain characteristics. I can remember two, patience and talks little. I was remembering my second sister Elizabeth. She has these traits, when we were young, and even now, the rest of us sisters except for Helen, would be chatter boxes, but she was  quiet and talked when necessary.

***This is a paper cut from WL's book that I had posted.***

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