Saturday, January 31, 2009


I told my friend K. in Singapore for these fifteen days of the Lunar New Year, I will send him a tree a day. This is the seventh day, so I will kick off with seven trees.
Like I mentioned before, I may not know the names, so I am not going to identify them and result in egg in my face. Some may be native, some may have been brought over by the early immigrants.
The weather was 27 degrees C, but it was beautiful and breezy in the Wesley Park. I hope that he likes them as much as I enjoyed looking for trees to share with him.
There were willows at the stream. The much loved New Zealand Christmas Tree aka Pohutukawa which is a Metrosideros excelsa. The Karaka, a Corynocarpus laevigatus whose foliage of large glossy green leaves make me think that I could use it in place of banana leaves to serve my nasi lemak. The large ripen orange-yellow drupes, elliptical shaped fruits make them so tempting to eat, yet deep inside lies a poisonous kernel.

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Unknown said...

K love all plants. If not for plants animal life (including humans) would not be here on Earth. Plants, known as the Primary Producers in Ecology, provided the first food in the feeders on long food chain. This way all living things travel the merry-go-round, die, decay, replaced and recycled and reborn. So, my advice is treasure the plants, preserve the forest and keep Nature whole. If we continue to succumb to greed, continue to destroy, very soon the Earth would become barren of all life forms. So, love every living thing like you love yourself!