Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wheels: Wheelchair

When I had D in the National Womens' Hospital. They treated me like royalty.  I had my own room with it's own ensuite. In it was a bidet. Sitting on a bidet was heavenly. Because D was my first child, and I didn't have relatives, they let me stay for a week.

As I prepared to be discharged, the nurse came with a wheel chair. She said "This is our royal treatment." She carried D in our bucket car seat. The water engineer pushed me in the wheel chair.

At the car, she waved me good bye. "This is the end of your days as the queen. Now you go home to the reality of a young mum."

She's was right.

There are lots of uses of the wheel chair. G once sprained her foot, she sat in one.

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