Friday, January 23, 2009

Helen Clark

Helen Clark may have lost the Prime Minister's position. She remains very much loved . She won the Kiwi vote, gaining the title of Greatest Living New Zealander.
In a close race against Victoria Cross recipient Willie Apiata, Helen Clark edged out in front with 3163 votes - 25 per cent of the overall vote - while Corporal Apiata gained 21 per cent, with 2645 votes.
Corporal Apiata said he was honoured to be listed alongside some of the country's most respected individuals. He congratulated Helen Clark on her win.

"She is a truly inspirational New Zealander and thoroughly deserves this recognition."
NZ Herald
Her office is in an old unpretentious building, called Rugby Building directly opposite the Iconic Eden Park. Some people complain that it is too noisy there, but this has not detered Helen.
This old flower has a lot to offer yet. Way to go Helen!!!
See my post on pelargonium. 
***Helen's Pix from NZ Herald, I took her office pix yesterday. It is at Sandringham Road.***

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Hi Helen,
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