Wednesday, January 7, 2009


In last night's news, 400 tonnes of paua (abalone) were illegally harvested from New Zealand waters. Most of them destined for foreign restaurants especially Chinese markets.

1000 tonnes of paua are harvested. At this rate, NZ will be like Canada and outh Africa, all their abalone stock being depleted.

I do not buy abalone. Besides the exorbitant price, I don't think the taste is so great to warrant he price.

In the old days, you can buy the green ugly unappetising paua in the fish market. But not any more, it is too expensive for the local market, exept in uppity restaurants where they make them into paua fritters.

Charles: I got a can of abalone for Rose to take home for those who are celebrating
Chinese New year in Kuching.

Grace: When I have dinner with my in laws, I use mock abalone. They are less than $20 for 500gm and they taste like real abalone. I remember we had mock abalone with Joseph (I think in Kuching), and he thought it was the real mccoy.

There are recipes for mock abalone.

Top shell (a type of snail I think) is very popular here, it has the same texture and is a cheaper version.

Charles:Rose will bring back 2 tins of “Australia Superior Abalone”. I think each tin has 2 abalonies? Do they use soya to make the mock abalone? I see a lot of soya products making mock meat products for the vegetarians as well

In the older days up till 1970s when the water engineer was a student in Christchurch, Paua shells were used for their attractive colours to make jewellery, and souvenirs. Most people didn't eat paua.

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