Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Australia: The red continent 8

This is a post with a human touch. That summer of 1986 was a Indian summer. it was so hot that D refused to be buckled in because of the metal clash.

We went to Brisbane to farewell our cousin James. he had graduated with a surveyor's degree and was returning home to Sarawak. He's the young man in glasses.

Mum and Dad looked every inch a handsome couple. Especially Mum, she was wearing an outfit I just bought for her. LOL. I liked her shoes.

D bonded with James, and they were kissing. D didn't warm up easily to people, so this pix is very special.

I didn't see James again until 2005. By then, he was married with three kids and doing well in his surveying business.

In the pix also were Karen, and her two daughters. I remember Karen had shouted us a Dim Sum lunch before heading to the airport.

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Jane said...

wow grandma look very stylish in her outfit...!!