Monday, January 5, 2009

Rubbish Woes

This was written to the Residents Rep when I was in Singapore.

A and I have noticed that rubbish have been left outside the chute for the last few weeks.

Today, I had to walk through about 10 bags, lined all along the passage way. The chute wasn't blocked.

As you recalled from previous experience, once someone leaves a bag outside, the next person would naturally assume that the chute is blocked, and he leaves his outside, and so on.

There is probably no other person other than A & myself who would then wade through the stinky rubbish bags to throw our rubbish in the proper manner.

Sorry it us again informing you of this unpleasant situation.



This rubbish bin must be universal. Sibu Town council forced everyone to use this bin, else the rubbish will not be removed. This is supposed to stop the dogs tipping the rubbish over. Because it is not cheap, these bins get stolen when you put your rubbish outside.

So some people revert back to using the old paint tins. They use the expensive rubbish bin as their storage bin at their backyard.

In Singapore, for the private homes, besides the normal coloured one, you can get a blue one for recycling. There are many treasure hunters or human scavengers who come around and then they leave the unwanted all around the bin. For the public recycling bins, they have little holes for depositing so the scavengers or karang guni man can't steal things from the bin. What a society?


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