Thursday, January 15, 2009

Churches: St Alban Church

This Church is worthed a million. Do people still built them like this? Then it is sharing it's premises with other churches. Located along Dominion Road, just before the Balmoral Road junction. One would not normally see it if you are riding in the car as it is located down the valley and hiddened by giant trees. I was on my on mission to photograph buildings and things I could use for my blog when I saw this.  In 1885 James Paice donated the land where the original wooden part of the church was built in two months at a cost of five hundred pounds.

At the geographical heart of Auckland City, tucked up against Dominion Road, we find a quietly beautiful church, an historic building. This is the Church of Saint Alban Martyr, Balmoral. This is a good place to spend time, praying, reading, growing closer to God, browsing through pictures of our forebears who wielded pick and shovel to build our foundations, learning our history, or exploring our roots, or wander outside beneath the gracious oak trees, or under the homely shade of the pohutukawa. Best of all share the worship of a small hospitable people who love God and seek to know him and each other more deeply. This is an Anglican church built by Pakeha. Rather fittingly it now extends open arms to congregations of emigrant families. Other Anglicans from Tikanga Polynesia, Hindi speaking Anglicans whose Parish is called Anugrah (Grace), Tongan Anglicans who call themselves Ngoue Iteni (New Eden), but also Serbian (Holy King Milutin), and Indian Orthodox (Saint Dionysius). This is a place which lives in a timeless tradition of hospitality and outreach in the world wide Christian communion of faith and hope. 

Think history, religious ancestry and a building that holds together the joys and sorrows of more than six generations of worshippers.

The large brick front, tall Norman tower and Gothic arches — it almost looks like two churches joined together. As you approach the front of the church you see a fine Romanesque-style sanctuary while the nave at the back is so typically Gothic of the Victorian period. Made in the architectural likeness of the ancient St Alban’s Cathedral Abbey in England, its no wonder that this historic monument has been called for preservation.

If you are into History, do check their website.


443 Dominion Road, Balmoral, Auckland
PO Box 96167 Phone (09) 638 7980

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