Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Last night when I was working on the computer, my radio was tuned to a talk back station. There were reports of the lightning storm and the waterspout. It was according to many callers one of the most remarkable sight. There were hail storms too.

The TV weather reporter explained that a combination of the warmth and the nimbus clouds caused that.  Interestingly, when I was out with the camera, I thought the clouds were very unusual, and I snapped a few of these. I don't know which are nimbus or rain clouds. I will check with the water engineer.

Waterspout picks up launch, throws on side 

8:29AM Thursday Jan 15, 2009

Two Auckland boaties are counting their blessings and nursing a few minor bumps and scrapes after their launch was tipped over by a water spout in the Hauraki Gulf last night.

The couple were enjoying a calm evening on their 9.4m launch in Smokehouse Bay, Great Barrier Island, when the water spout suddenly picked up the vessel and threw it down on its side.

Auckland Coastguard duty officer Katherine Andrews said the couple suffered a few cuts and bruises but otherwise seemed okay after the incident. The boat escaped serious damage.

She said other vessels in the bay had said there was no wind before the water spout arrived.

"Then a screaming wall of wind came over the hill and everyone in the bay appeared to hunker down for safety.

"This comes after an awe-inspiring lightning display over the Moehau Ranges at the northern end of the Coromandel Peninsula. The lightning show went on for well over an hour."


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I notice you link to a lot of news sites and wiki articles, why don't you try hyperlinking? People will be more inclined to go to the reference if it is a clickable link.

My tutorial post on hyperlinks included a short video of someone in the process of hyperlinking.

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