Saturday, January 10, 2009

Eiffel tower

This model brought me warm feelings of nostalgia. No, I have not been to Paris , the city of love. But as a kid of four, I heard of the Eiffel Tower, or in Chinese, the Metal Tower of paris.

When Dad returned from London, he bought a lot of souvenirs including the London Bridge and the Eiffel tower. There were the real McCoy, not the made in Taiwan or made in China cheapie stuff you get today.

Dad gave a model to many of our extended family.  Every year, when we went to visit them during the Chinese New year, these relatives would take out from their display cabinet this precious model. They would say, "When you were very little, your dad went to Europe and gave this me model." We burst with pride, because at that time, not many people went to England to study. Dad was the first of the Clan, and the region to be awarded a scholarship.

This model actually belongs to my friends D and J. 

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