Saturday, January 17, 2009

Euryops pectinatus/ grey haired Euryops

I always wanted to photograph a bee landing on my flowers. I have seen them on clovers, dandelions, puhas and even my apple tree flowers. However, by the time I am ready, the bee has flown to another flower, or in the case of the puha, the flower stalk is too unstable.

This morning I read this website:

She had a photograph of a bee on a yellow flower. I told her I admired it.

The water engineer asked if I wanted to go out this afternoon. Going out with him mostly likely meant climbing the volcanoes or a bush track.  I grumbled that he was lucky I don't like shopping as I huffed and puffed as I climbed up the slopes of Mt Eden.

Fate smiled and took pity on me, she knew how I really wanted that bee pix. At the end of the hour's hike, I was rewarded with this pix. The bee was most obliging. It actually stayed a while in time for me to snap a pix. Then it flew to another flower.

Euryops have daisy like yellow flowers, and have long flowering periods. Many parks grow them as a hedge. This South African dwarf shrub has ferny, wooly-grey, pinnate leaves. The flowers are 4cm wide.

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